District 2 City Council 

"You can vote for promises or you can vote for Leadership you can trust!"

Why Is Chris Dawkins Seeking This Office

Early voting begins on April 19 -April 27
Election Day is Saturday, May 1

"As your Councilman, I would like to take advantage of the under utilized resources available to us! "

I have not seen what I believe is a district that possesses many possibilities yet, we have seldom used what is available to us. We have asked and gotten things like the Wheatly Heights Stadium and we have not completed or continued to invest there to make it a usable resource.

Instead, this facility sits mainly unused, capable of using all of the resources available to the residents of District 2.

"We serve the people of San Antonio and should do everything we can to assist them in solving their issue."

First, I want to set the example for what a city council person should be and I want to implement a few processes for District 2.  

Setting an action to assist our constituents, so when constituents call, staff should answer, listen and do the necessary steps to get the issue resolved.

"San Antonio has the opportunity to capitalize on the excessive development in Austin"

San Antonio is developing rapidly and has the opportunity to take advantage of all of the development happening in Austin, it could be what Ft. Worth is to Dallas. As a city, we must not only figure this out but, actively solved out how we participate in this process. ​

My Position on Crime and


Choose DAWKINS For:



Proven Leadership

Bringing to D2:

New Initiative on crime

A new senior center

Facility for students


District 2 Voters & Seniors

I am counting on you! 

I am a person who makes things happen and get things done! Why?
Because with your help, “we will do for ourselves,” where others depend on the city for help

Strengthening every neighborhood in D2

We take charge of our environment which, will contribute to reducing crime; Neighborhood-by-Neighborhood. As your councilman, I will provide the necessary resources to make each neighborhood successful. I’m not telling you what I “can” do. I’m telling you, what I have done!

As President of Lakeside Neighborhood Association (LNA) together we’ve attracted

Through the collaboration of: neighbors, developers, property owner and school districts. Together we are proposing a $34 million mixed-use development called, Towne East. Which includes a Multi-Generational Center which we plan to “gift” to the City of San Antonio.

Children, Youth & Teens

Our children and young adults must be given the desire to want to remain in San Antonio after college or graduation. Part of preparing through education we must also have job opportunities that excite, are available and have incomes that will attract youth to stay or come back to San Antonio.


District 2 has had some challenges at the council level in the past. These issues come from inexperience, immaturity and not being an effective administrator. We don’t get to know how a person governs yet, the person chosen must have the knowledge to govern.

Although the council position is selected by Districts. Each council person is responsible for more than just their district!. You must possess the ability to work with other council members and have a vision for both your District and the entire City of San Antonio.. And finally, you must know how to utilize your position on council, to take advance of the opportunities that present themselves for your district. I possess these abilities and based on his criteria, Chris Dawkins is the choice to correct these issues!

Maturity, I have the experience & background (managing 400 employees for World Technical Services) and I have prepared myself by working in my community as the President of Lakeside.

This position has allowed me to learn how San Antonio “works” and how to work through city government to benefit my constituents


May1 is Election Day- the decision is yours.

The decision is yours. You can vote for promises or you can vote for PROVEN LEADERSHIP YOU CAN TRUST!

How we would work in our Neigborhood

Strategy & Research
Design & Development
Marketing & Target


Protect- Expand
Train -Innovate





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"With Lakeside being an ethically integrated Community it has been amazing what we have been able to accomplish, working together."
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"I was elected President and with our community (working together), we improved Lake Crystal, a street in our community with a history of flooding for more than 30yrs."
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"We have seen explosive growth in the Lakeside area. We have had 2 -billion dollar companies expanding in the Lakeside area.
We feel so blessed!"
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"We have incorporated students from East Central ISD, to help them with hands-on curriculum while working in our Milam Tealer Park, Lake Verda and our neighborhood."